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I am absolutely hooked...
It's the thing I was looking for in my life...
I have lost 85 pounds and toned my entire body...
I loved every minute of it!
I feel better both physically and mentally!
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We inspire greatness. We work to (re)align your body with your mind and soul.

At thebodybar(re)®, a bar(re) based fitness studio, you will (re)define your life as you (re)define your body through fitness and wellness. To get to maximum fitness results changing up your routine to keep the muscles surprised has long been a workout protocol. However working out alone won't do the trick. Generally you must change your nutrition and your relationship with food as well. Good thing we are here to help! Are you ready to embark on a life and body changing journey with our assortment of barre-based fitness classes and nutritional guidance?

With everything in life, as in your workouts, you must have balance. To create complete wellness you must have balance between your mind, body and soul. Spending an hour working out followed by a super-sized fast-food lunch is counterproductive. You need to ask yourself why you're working out and what your goals are. Then you need to apply the same questions to what you are eating as well as your life and relationships. Can you see the changes coming?

As a client of thebodybar(re) you have access to programs that will unite fitness with nutrition for your complete wellness. We also like to provide clients with our FREE workout calendar to remind you daily of your fitness goals and provide healthy eating tips and motivational moments along the way. And of course you have access to all of our barre-based fitness classes to keep your muscles surprised and your body changing. We know improving your fitness will lead to improved health and happiness. Now it's time to get started!

thebodybar(re), Las Vegas' first barre-based workout studio, combines the perfect mix of different workout regimes for all your fitness needs by focusing on the barre workout while offering a selection of other barre-based classes to keep your mind and body challenged. thebodybar(re) features our signature (re)shape barre class, which is the perfect blend of cardio along with muscle building, core toning and body slimming exercises mixed with cardio and orthopedic stretching. This unique total-body workout targets the arms, thighs, seat and core. Based on the principles of the Lotte Berk Method and Callenetics you get the fat-burning benefits of interval training by isolating the muscles with precise isometric movements followed by orthopedic stretching to sculpt long, lean muscles. Using your own body weight as resistance you will sculpt your body to perfection with this combination of cardio and strength training. Long lean legs, a lifted seat, a tighter core, increased flexibility and strength are just a few of the benefits. At thebodybar(re) we also offer several varieties of our signature (re)shape barre class to keep your body and mind constantly challenged. Every barre-based class integrates hundreds of different variations of exercises that focus on precise movements to provide strength, flexibility and balance. (re)sculpt adds in additional weights and resistance tubing, (re)ignite incorporates the mind-body aspects of yoga infused with extra stretching, and re(boot) is our popular TRX and trampoline bootcamp class designed for maximum calorie burning fun! Whatever you need, we have the perfect combination for you and you'll get personal attention to help you become your best!

Barre-based workouts "Will be a great addition to any fitness routine," said thebodybar(re) co-owner Tawnya Christian. Set to motivating, upbeat music, it's the one class where you'll hardly move a muscle and you'll work harder than you ever have. Complete attention to detail and non-impactful small movements ensures the best results possible while in a safe and supportive environment. Each class follows the same format but with the hundreds of exercise variations, no two classes should ever be the same. This is one workout you don't want to miss!"