Our Story

Las Vegas' First Ballet Barre Workout Studio

thebodybar(re)® opened its first studio in Town Square in December of 2009 (now located in Henderson) and Summerlin (our Barre Las Vegas studio) in July of 2010. Owners Sue Harragan and Tawnya Christian bring the perfect blend of knowledge and experience to their studios. Both fitness enthusiasts, they share an energy and passion for the barre workout and will keep your heart-pumping and coming back for more.

Sue Harragan discovered this technique in Los Angeles and was instantly hooked. With a busy lifestyle, Sue was looking for a great total body workout and found the perfect match with the barre workout.  The muscle building and toning combined with cardio gave Sue results she could really see. After a recent move to Nevada Sue realized there was an amazing opportunity to bring the barre workout to Las Vegas. Sue's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the barre workout inspired her to open thebodybar(re)®. Always a fitness enthusiast, Sue began extensive training of the barre workout both in LA and New York and also holds personal and group fitness training certifications. You'll find that Sue's meticulous attention to form and the barre technique will ensure students of thebodybar(re) have an experience that is addicting while seeing impressive body-changing results.

Tawnya Christian grew up in Waverly, Nebraska where from a young age she was constantly involved in organized athletics including competitive gymnastics, track, golf and tennis.  She graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and went on to earn her Masters Degree in Marketing Communications from the University of Southern California.  After graduating from USC, she worked in the advertising and marketing industry while continuing to pursue her passion for health and fitness by participating in several half-marathons.  While visiting New York City in 2009, Tawnya took her first barre class and was instantly addicted.  She not only loved the immediate changes she saw in her body, but also admired the superior mind-body connection the workout provided.  Soon after discovering barre in New York, Tawnya enrolled as a student at thebodybar(re) where she not only witnessed dramatic changes in her own physique, but also observed the positive physical and mental changes experienced by countless other students.  Coupled with her passion for fitness and her marketing background, Tawnya’s desire to assist others in becoming their “best self” led her to excitedly accept the opportunity to become Co-Owner and President of thebodybar(re) in September 2011. Tawnya looks forward to actively promoting the numerous benefits of barre to the Las Vegas community and beyond as she focuses on implementing thebodybar(re)’ training certification and licensing programs. Tawnya will also assist students in achieving their fitness goals through serving as an instructor at both the Henderson and Summerlin studio locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the barre workout? Popular throughout the country, the barre workout has evolved over the years from the Lotte Berk Method and Callanetics. thebodybar(re) features our signature (re)shape class, the  perfect blend  of cardio along with  muscle building, core toning and body slimming exercises mixed with  orthopedic stretching. This unique total-body workout targets the arms, thighs, seat and core. The barre workout is a unique total-body workout method set to motivating and upbeat music. Focused on precise movements to strengthen the muscle followed by orthopedic stretching to lean out the muscle, the results are impressive. The barre workout has evolved over the years from the Lotte Berk Method and Callanetics.  Using fat-burning interval training principles, the results are a  lean, flexible, healthy body.  Each class follows the same format but with the hundreds of exercises variations, no two classes should ever be the same. There isn't any choreography and flexibility is not required to enjoy this class!

What do you do in a barre class? Classes begin with a basic warm up then focus on building the upper body strength and muscles using light weights. The class progresses to the barre for stretching before the thigh, hamstring and seat work. Throughout the class, muscles are pushed to exhaustion then followed by a series of stretches to lengthen and stretch out the worked muscles.  You might also find push-ups and planks intermittently throughout the class. The class concludes on the floor for the abdominal series and back-dancing followed by final stretches. The ballet bar is used for support while straps, balls and foam are used for variations and extra challenges.

How effective is it and how long does it take to see results? This workout is extremely effective if done consistently. Many students do lose weight but others find that their body changes so that they lose body size. As you build muscle and burn fat in class you'll see that your muscles are getting firmer, leaner and toned.

To see noticeable changes in your body, we recommend that you take class at least 3-5 times per week.

Some new clients notice a 'lift' in their seat or fullness in their thighs and think they are getting bigger. However, don't get discouraged as your body is changing for the better! As you continue taking class your muscles will burn away the inter-muscular fat and leave you with long, lean muscles and a slimmer appearance. For this reason it can take up to six months to see really noticeable results in your body. Once you've achieved your desired physique it's good to maintain your shape by attending class 2-3 times per week. The barre workout is a great compliment of many other fitness regimes, especially yoga and cycling. At thebodybar(re), you'll face physical challenges, but will leave calm and collected, facilitating the perfect mind-body connection.

Why has it become so popular and do you see this trend taking off in Las Vegas and why? The barre workout has become effective due to the large array of exercises within the technique and the incredible results seen from it. A lean, strong and toned body is one many people strive for and with this technique, not only do you see these results but you most likely had fun creating them. With the number of different exercises within the technique, you will never take the same barre class twice.

Can anyone do the barre workout? Yes the barre workout is safe and effective workout. Dance experience, grace and flexibility is not necessary or required even though many of the movements are ballet-inspired. The small class size provides a comfortable environment where students are encouraged to go at their own pace or are challenged to advance.  Modifications will be given as needed. Pregnant, post-natal or at risk clients must have written approval from their doctor. We ask that pregnant women who have not taken a barre class before wait until after their birth to start taking class. The barre workout is excellent for post-natal shaping up and we offer a special new-mom package!

Can you modify exercises for people with previous injuries? Yes and many chiropractors recommend the barre workout since it's not stressful on the joints and incorporates therapeutic stretching. Since the class is non-impact you won't find the typical elements of a jumping or bouncing cardio class that often result in injuries.

Is there a beginning, intermediate and advanced level for this technique? We offer a variety of our barre classes which are for all levels. However (re)mix and (re)sculpt are recommend for students with barre experience.

Are all the classes the same or will they be different each time you go? The class format is always the same but there are hundreds of different variations of the exercises so no two classes should ever be exactly the same. That's what keeps the barre workout so fresh! We offer a selection of barre classes to keep you on your toes (literally)!

What do I need to wear to class? Be sure to wear comfortable yet form-fitting workout clothes so you (and the instructors) can ensure that your posture, alignment and form are correct for optimal results. Long pants or pants that cover at least your thighs are suggested to keep your muscles warm during the exercises. In addition socks are required. The best socks to use have 'sticky' grips on the bottom so that your foot can stay firmly attached on the barre when needed. We sell Crescent Moon grip socks in the boutique.

What do students need to bring to class? Everything you will need is provided except water, which is also sold in the boutique.  We use light weights and do multiple repetitions to build long lean muscles and not bulk up.

Sometimes we use balls or foam for a variation, extra challenge and support. We also stretch using mats and straps.

How long is each class? Each class is one hour. Private and Semi-Private sessions are also available.

What classes do you offer? We offer an assortment of barre classes to keep your mind and body constantly challenged. In addition to our signature (re)shape barre class, we offer different version of the barre class called (re)form, (re)boot, (re)sculpt, (re)move and (re)mix. These classes use all the fundamentals of the traditional barre class, but add in different elements like weights or more floor work to challenge you even further.

What is the cost of a class? Do you have packages and if so what is the cost? A single class is $20 unless you buy a package, then the price per class goes down. All new clients will be offered a one-time $99 month unlimited special, and locals are offered an intro week for just $25 (local ID required). Yoga and Zumba class are just $10 (Henderson location only).

What are your hours? Our Henderson location is open Monday through Friday 8:30am-11am then 4pm-8pm. Saturday hours are 8:30am-12:30pm, and Sundays are 8:30am-11:30am. We proudly feature lululemon athletica and other fitness related merchandise in the Henderson Boutique. Please check the on-line scheduler for class times.


Thank you for putting out the Groupon that enticed me to try barre again. I am absolutely hooked, it's the thing I was looking for in my life, and have now committed to a 6 month membership. I look forward to seeing what it does for my body!

And thank you for your amazing teachers. They are all great for different reasons, but definitely have engaged me in finding a workout to love. I've been struggling to find a workout groove since I moved here 18 months ago. I feel like I finally found something that I want to go to everyday.

Anyhow, I look forward to the next 6 months!

~ Alyson

I have lost 85 lbs.  I have toned up my entire body. I feel better both physically and especially mentally. I love that it challenges every part of your body.  Even when you are working on your legs or your seat, you are constantly working on your core.  I feel so great after each class and each class is always different with every teacher. The thing that probably keeps me most motivated is all of the great support I get from other clients and from the great owners.  Everyone is always so friendly and it makes me feel at home - amongst good people and good friends.

~ Sharon

My favorite aspect of the classes at thebodybar(re) is the variety of trainers and routines. It keeps barre interesting and it keeps me continuously challenged. The environment is so supportive. I love the staff and my barre girlfriends!

~ Lisa

For as long as I've been coming, the classes are still as challenging as they were on my first day. I ALWAYS get the best workout and I'm never bored. Liz always keeps up on the latest and greatest exercises and she keeps us challenged. I love barre so much! It is hands down the best workout!

~ Jen

By my third month of attending regular barre classes, my abs were defined, my legs felt longer and leaner, and YES my booty had lifted! Not only do I now have a more toned body, but I also have better posture, feel less stressed and as though I have a better mind-body connection. Another huge change for me has been the shift in my metabolism and energy levels. Combining a healthy diet with regular Barre Las Vegas classes has helped me to lose 30 pounds and shave off multiple inches! Prior to attending classes at Barre Las Vegas I was a size 12 and am now a size 4. Both myself and my husband are thrilled with my results!

I feel extremely blessed to have found Barre Las Vegas. Everyone at the studio is wonderful. I am always welcomed with friendly smiles and positive energy from people who are obviously passionate about barre.

~ Wendee

Yesterday I did my first barre class at Barre LV. Loved it!

~ Lauren

I love this place! GREAT workout, really kicked my butt!

~ Heather

Hi my name is Cathy and I am so excited to share my Barre story. Four months ago, my journey with Barre Las Vegas began purely out of curiosity and through the prodding of a friend whom I agreed to attend one class with. My initial thought was it would be just like other fitness programs I attempted before: I'd attend one class and give up and never come back. My first class was very memorable. I didn't think I'd finish the hour long class. I remember I could hardly do a push up, and my version of the plank was pitiful. All the small movements demanded my utmost concentration and strength to execute. Miraculously I made it through and was I sore! I said to myself that was it. Another failed fitness endeavor for me.

Then after a day or two of nursing my sore muscles, I went back. I was still sore but I was convinced that if it hurt, whatever barre did was probably working. No pain no gain (or loss) I told myself. By my third or fourth class, I was already hooked. I found myself looking forward to coming to class. The teachers are so great and motivating! Everyone is so nice even the students . The studio itself is very pleasant and conducive to an effective workout. The music selection, fantastic and adrenaline inducing!

Fast forward 4 months into Barre (plus a healthier diet), I am a few dress sizes smaller, my waist is at its smallest since I had my son 12 years ago, my legs buns and thighs appear more toned, I could see my arms getting firmer, best of all, I feel stronger and I feel happier overall! I just love coming to Barre Las Vegas, for me it is already becoming a hard habit to break! Which is a very good thing!

~ Cathy

I'm new to this type of workout and wasn't sure how I'd like it but the staff has been great and the classes are fun. Definitely recommend thebodybar(re)!

~ Daphne

Great staff! Fabulous instructor - very helpful & friendly about corrections. Small class & such a comfortable setting. I am so glad I tried this out. It kicked my butt, but in spite of the muscle aches, I am sooooo excited to take more classes & get better at the moves. I look forward to trying different classes, as well. I was a ballet dancer for 16 years, but haven't taken any dance related classes in 18ish years - this class seriously challenged me & I loved every minute of it! Can't wait to go back! FABULOUS!!!!

~ Becky

Today's Barre Las Vegas class was amazing! Engaged muscles haven't felt in a long time,even got a run in!

~ Melissa

I need to get my butt back to Barre Las Vegas. The workout is perfect and the staff is immensely friendly.

~ Ashley

Love love love this place!

~ Aprylmae