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Makeup: Best Products & Application Tips

In (re)ad all about it

Don’t you wish you could pick the brain of a professional makeup artist to learn about his or her favorite products, as well as the best application methods and some valuable tricks of the trade?  Well, wish no more because we recently interviewed makeup artist, Janessa Aguirre from The Style Lounge at The LINQ Las Vegas and have included her answers for you below.

Janessa has worked on models for both television and print shoots as well as with countless celebrities over the years.  Her vast experience makes her extremely knowledgeable about which products work best for specific skin types and colors.  In reading through Janessa’s answers, we hope you gain as much glam world insight as we did, and we encourage you to  pay her a visit at The Style Lounge the next time you need a professional makeup application, a fresh manicure or an amazing spray tan….she truly is the best of the best!

Janessa Makeup Interview

A Day In The Life: Michelle Konstantarakis, MS, RDN, LD

In (re)ad all about it

by Tawnya Christian

Many of us have sought nutritional guidance and education from a Registered and Licensed Dietitian.  Equipped with their support and instruction, we are better prepared to make healthy food choices that positively influence and improve our wellbeing.

Whether you have attended a nutrition seminar hosted by a RDN, or have met with an RDN for a personal consultation, chances are you have asked yourself, “I wonder what my RDN eats on a typical day?”  To find the answer to that question, we went straight to the source and interviewed our RDN, Michelle Konstantarakis.  Although Michelle’s typical daily consumption is not representative of all Registered and Licensed Dietitians, we feel it provides a solid outline and great source of inspiration as to several healthy meal choices and ideas.  See the chart below to view what Michelle consumes within the framework of 6 meals in a typical day.

Michelle's Daily Food Intake